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Sophia Dias

Sophia Dias

Stunningly exotic, creatively fertile, one in a billion; a distillation of the best of many cultures; open yet mysterious -- this can be said of Sophia Dias as well as her birthplace, Goa, India.

Sophia’s upbringing encompassed Europe, India and China. Her perspective forged from this rich cultural tapestry of people and places. Her creativity is a family gift: Sophia, like her mother, is a clothier. Dias has created the GOAWARP™ eyewear collection.

Sophia has lived in world capitals, including London and Hong Kong. Today, Chicago is her home. “I love the people here,” says Dias. Sophia has become a respected and beloved presence in the cultural and business realm of this great city.

Dias is Founder and CEO of DIAS. The GOAWARP™ eyewear collection is handmade in Italy, and is available now worldwide. DIAS has fashion lines launching this year, and is currently expanding into the high-tech industry of designer wireless speakers.
But as with many fashion brands, the inspiration for the designs and direction come from more than just the latest trends and styles.  
An avid believer in animal rights and safety, Sophia’s 3 cats - Solar, Salvatore, and Santorini - were rescued from PAWS & the Anticruelty Society. 

Sophia serves on the Women's Board of the Catholic Charities as well as on the committee of the St. Mary of the Angels Church. She has also chaired The Children’s Cancer Foundation and The Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee, benefitting the Sheen Hok Charitable Foundation which supports children born with cleft palate. 

Since 2009, she's been heavily involved in The Madonna House, where she still frequently volunteers to cook gourmet dinners for the residents who are mostly mothers & children. She also organizes painting classes and cooking lessons there. Most recently, she has driven through Israel volunteering in homes for refugee children.

This dedication to community, growth, and empowerment has led Sophia to plot a holistic course for the DIAS brand, one that includes not only fashion but overall lifestyle pieces and guidance.